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3 common mistakes to avoid when setting goals in 2023

Can you believe we're in the third week of 2023 already? How are you doing with your goals?

Health and wellness seems to be a major New Year Goal for most people this year. According to the latest Poll, 49% of people ages 26 to 41 reported that improving their mental health is a top goal for them. This is followed by:

  • weight loss (36%),

  • improve fitness (34%),

  • improve finance (34%),

  • improve diet (33%),

  • and make more time for loved ones (18%).

I love that we're starting to focus more on our health, specially our mental health, and have still kept our professional and relationship goals too! This is great in my opinion.

The problem is that studies suggest only 8-12% of us are successful at meeting our New Year's Goals (Statista, 2018; Pienta, 2011). About 80% of us appear to fail within the first 30 days.

So to set yourself up for success in reaching your wellness and professional goals in 2023, we are going to cover 3 of the most mistakes we make when setting our New Year Goals.

These are some of the most common and overlooked mistakes people make in their goal journey. So we're going to cover what they are so that you can avoid them and have the best chances of success.

You are truly amazing and capable of meeting your goals. I know this because I used to be part of the group that failed to meet my goals. I'd set my New Year’s Goals and in the first month I'd fall off track. I would paint this amazing picture of what my new year would look like in January, only to feel frustrated and disappointed with myself because I'd fall back to old habits...

But in the past few years, I've truly mastered setting New Year's Goals (and any long-term goal really) the right way. After working at the psychology labs at the Rotman School of Management and at the Goal Pursuit Lab at Carleton University, not to mention testing things out in my own life, I've learned where I went wrong and learned to fix it.

I've learned that setting and meeting your goals is a skill that you can learn. And I want to share those learnings with you.

So here it is.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting New Years Goals

1) Not having the right prerequisite

Having the right prerequisites really translates to Not writing down your goals. This might seem obvious when it comes to meeting your goals, but it's interestingly not common practice.