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What Drives Me?

I started life coaching to simply improve the quality of people's lives no matter their current situation. The truth is, when people are hurt and disempowered, they hurt others. However, when people are empowered, they uplift and empower others. I've made it my mission to empower our generation to get clear, in control and unstoppable in their lives!

How Can We Function Optimally?

How can we have the best possible situations in all areas of our lives? How can we reach our potential no matter where we are and what we've gone through? I've dedicated the past 10 years of my life to figure out these questions. What I found is that there are 3 essential skills that allow us to literally have it all! You need to know yourself (personal skills) , learn to regulate your emotions (emotional skills) and deal with people effectively (social skills). These essential skills allow us to have a solid foundation in life for anything truly worth having, and to be able to create an amazing life for ourselves and those around us.

Anyone Can Do It!

Unfortunately, the education system doesn't teach us these essential skills. It's left to us to figure out how to deal with our problems, our emotions, how to deal with other people, our identity, our insecurities, our relationships and how to set the kind of goals that will actually lead us to what will ultimately get us to where we want to be in life.  

Great news is that anyone can do this given the right knowledge and skill-set. That's what my work is all about!

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Leyla Bagheri, Psychology M.A.

Certified Life Coach


Toronto, Ontario