Limited Time Programs



from DeceMber 22nd-31st 2020 

One-on-one Coaching services

One-on-one Coaching services


3 month packages

This is a customized 12 week one-on-one coaching program where we meet once a week for one hour (face-to-face/online) to get you results.

  • Clarity on what holds you back

  • Practical and evidence-based strategies to move forward

  • My expertise in the field of well-being and performance

  • Professional support and dedication for you to succeed

  1. Empowerment & Resilience

  2. Emotion & Stress Management

  3. Motivation and Performance

This is for you if you want

I offer packages for 3 services

Keyboard and Mouse

Exclusive Deep Dive for your 2021 goals:

Business Goals

Wellness goals

OnGoing 1:1 Coaching


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  • Set Business and/or Wellness Goals, Plan, Strategize, Time Management

    30 min

  • Coaching package: increase energy and reach goals more effectively

    30 min

  • Coaching Package: reduce stress, regulate emotions, have ease of mind

    30 min

  • Coaching Package: feel more clear, grounded, confident and in control

    30 min



Anonymous, Founder of Mental Health Charity

Leyla basically saved my life...she got me to believe in myself. She gave me hope and got me to take action and be accountable to myself.

I would give Leyla the highest possible recommendation. She is so inspiring, motivational and knowledgeable!

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