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I help entrepreneurs and high achievers through difficult emotions and situations. I help my clients manage their emotions better, lower stress, and feel their best so that they stop standing in their own way and reach new levels in their professional and personal goals.

Leyla Bagheri

Psychology M.a, certified life coach

Hello, my name is Leyla Bagheri. I'm a well-being and performance coach with a Psychology Masters degree. 

I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to understanding the factors that promote well-being and optimal performance. I have presented at seven international psychology 

 conferences, am an advisory board member at the Mental Health Support Network (MHSN), a member of the Canadian Psychological Association, and have published empirical research..


I take a holistic and evidence-based approach to wellness and performance to bring you the best results in reaching your personal and professional goals.

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3 Simple and Practical Strategies to

Lower Stress

A 45 minute mini-course on scientifically proven strategies to lower stress & increase your well-being

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on November 30, 2020

Well-being and Resilience Webinar
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Leyla Bagheri, Psychology M.A.

Certified Life Coach  

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When you invest in yourself through my work, a portion of  proceeds goes towards supporting mental health services.


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